Alternet"The Digital Pedophiles Among Us" 

Dagens Naeringsliv - "Spenningen ved å forlate Facebook" (in Norwegian)

Marie authored about 30 long-form articles and essays for Nótt Magazine, which she co-founded and edited in 2015 and 2016.  The following is a selection of Marie's articles for Nótt:

International affairs, politics, and law

A Norwegian Watergate?

Oslo Under Surveillance 

Why and How Should We Jail Criminals?

The Arctic is the New Far West 

The Islamic State is Erasing History

Can Resolution 2254 end the war in Syria? 

Infographic: Russia’s Syrian War 

Racial discrimination in the administration of the death penalty

Spying on Allies 

France’s puzzling home-grown Jihadis 

"The Displaced

The Law vs. Workplace Harassment: An Ongoing Fight

The French Draft Law on Intelligence vs. Individual Liberties

Secularism in French Schools 

Servergate is not the new Watergate 


Infographic: How Keystroke Dynamics Tracks You 

Your next privacy scare: keystroke dynamics 

The Final Disconnect 

Feminism and gender issues

The Iron Maiden and the Walking Wounded

Women against themselves

Rolling Stone, Jackie, and the “emblematic college rape case”

Infographic: The Female Tax 

Unlikely Allies: the MRM and Feminism 

A History of Domestic Violence in Country Music

Hey girl, don’t let your impostor syndrome ruin your job search 



The Fitness Dictatorship 

“It Follows”: the Future of Horror Cinema Has Arrived

“I Now Walk Into The Wild”

We can be heroes 

The Best Medicine 

One year running a magazine, 10 lessons for young writers and journalists