Since 2019, I have been conducting a project on  large infrastructure and urban planning projects and democracy  for La Fabrique de la Cité. I am now finishing up the final report, which will be out in November 2020. Find out more about this project here.

From September 2020 through January 2021, I am organizing La Fabrique de la Cité's first short story contest, on mid-sized French cities ("La France des villes moyennes"). More information here (in French). 

First session of the  Global Governance Futures 2035 Fellowship  Program coming up soon. More information on the program here.

This Spring, I finished the draft of my first poetry chapbook, "Submersion", which I have submitted to 5-10 chapbook presses and contests (currently awaiting responses). I recently submitted the chap to a consultation with poet Amelia Martens, and will be editing the text again in light of her comments. If you are an editor and would like to take a look at the poems, please get in touch.

Vija Celmins